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The History of Mexican Artist Pedro Linares Lopez

Today, June 29, is the 115th Birthday of Mexican Artist Pedro Linares Lopez. He was the creator of the beautiful dreamlike animals we know today as Alejibres.

1. Linares Was Born on June 29, 1906, in Mexico City, Mexico, & His Parents Were Also Artists

2. Linares Said He Created Alebrijes After Encountering the Fantastical Creatures in a Dream

3. Linares Was Admired by Fellow Legendary Mexican Artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera & Shot to Fame After He Was Featured in a 1975 Documentary

4. Linares Was Awarded the 1990 National Prize for Arts and Sciences in Mexico 2 Years Before His Death at the Age of 85

5. Linares’ Children & Grandchildren Have Continued His Legacy by Crafting Art in His Unique Style

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